Beauty noticed
“I Spy Beauty” by Laura Kestly

Mid spring in Wisconsin is a special time of the year that wonderfully delights the senses. The greens are the most vibrant–the cacophony of birds chattering & singing after a long winter is most evident and the smells of the earth coming to life are truly intoxicating. All are a welcome reminder to slow down, step outside, pause & savor God’s wonderful creation–for these moments are all too fleeting in our fallen, chaotic world.

                God gives us these glimpses of beauty, respite and repose to savor & later meditate on so that we can carry the anticipation of eternity in our hearts, giving us hope, especially when life is more difficult.

As a final encouragement to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul encouraged them to mediate on whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, praiseworthy, virtuous and of a good report (Phil. 4:8).

In Psalm 119 (the longest chapter in the Bible) verse 37 says, “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way.”

As I go on my walks, I am reminded of the great beauty of God’s creation begging to be noticed (even amid the trash, car noises, & road kill along the way). Creation in all its forms appear from the ground up toward the sky, yet we often choose to keep our head down in our smart phone–plugged in to our playlist and spending time with ‘friends’ on Facebook rather than in person.

The artist Georgia O’Keeffe, known for her enlarged flower paintings, once said, “Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”

Spending time with God Himself, the epitome of beauty, should be our number one priority (Job 40:10).

David’s prayer in Psalm 27 included (in verse 4) his desire to seek the Lord & behold His beauty (pleasantness, delightfulness). I wrote the following poem about 6 years ago, but thought it was fitting to share again.

 The Beauty of a Moment Noticed

by Laura Kestly

The beauty of a moment noticed

requires a slower pace—

A purposeful derailment

from life’s busy- jam-packed race.

 It’s usually when, through times of trial

the earth seems to slow its spin—

Perception changes as we peer

from the outside looking in.

But God is ever present

in each moment of our days—

Waiting for us to quiet ourselves

to learn and trust His ways.

It takes a thoughtful pause to notice

the clouds, the birds, the trees—

To feel God’s loving Spirit

gently blowing as a breeze.

To look and really see someone

beyond the exterior side—

needs slow and thoughtful discernment

from the One Who longs to guide.

The beauty of a moment noticed

is for those who make the time—

And when we pause to feel His presence

It’s always so sublime.



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