This site is meant to inspire, encourage and bring joy & hope through WORDS and ART. 

WORDS: To read Laura’s monthly writings/musings, go to the ‘Home’ page and the most recent writing will appear at the top.  Scroll down & click on the titles of other writings to read.

ART: To view Laura’s art portfolio:  Click on the “Cage Free Art Gallery” tab or go to Laura’s community Facebook page@ https://www.facebook.com/CageFreeArt.  You can access different artwork by clicking on ‘photos’, then on ‘albums’ to select a particular theme or area of artwork. 

You can also find her art on Instagram: CageFreeArt.

If interested in having Laura create a custom piece or to purchase any of her existing artwork in reproduction forms (prints, canvas wraps, pillows etc.), you can contact her through her community Facebook page listed above.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Laura for your steadfastness and faithfulness in continuing this website after so many years. I learned of your site in your book War Manual you wrote and was published through Open Bible Trust in UK. I’ve sent this website to a dear sister in Christ who lives in Pueblo South, Colorado and is also a very accomplished artist. I really enjoy your artwork and I know she will be blessed as well. I thank you for the monthly newsletter and look forward to continue reading them and getting to know you better as the Lord allows.


  2. Laura — the Waukesha County Communications consolidated 911 center THANKS YOU for the custom piece you made for our 2018 National Telecommunicators Week celebration. the piece is unique and directly relates to the heartbeat of who we are, the Thin Gold Line, as well as our role as the FIRST First Responder. WE LOVE IT!! It is hanging in the 911 center and will remain there. Amazing work Laura!!!


    • Thanks for your kind words. It was my pleasure to create something to show appreciation of all the important work you & all the 1st first responders do behind the scenes.


  3. I would recognize your art anywhere. Like the bird picture alot as we don’t have cardinals in CA. The sloth art is great as I do enjoy arboreal mammals.


    • Thanks for reaching out. I was bummed that I lost track of you. If you want to contact me via messenger on my cage free art community facebook page with more contact info. I’d love to catch up with you! (or I think you can email me through here).


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