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As an artist many things inspire me. I was blessed to have the inspiration of our beloved English bulldog, Buster for 13 years. His fun loving spirit, quirky & comical personality and handsome saggy face were a joy to try and capture in everything from painted and drawn images to ‘crushed can’ art. He will be dearly missed.

Buster the muse art collection

al·tered states
States that differ in placement from their normal geographical location, typically induced by those with a mind capable of seeing things in a different and new way.  This creation was made using hand-cut license plate pieces from all 50 states. Can you locate them all in their unfamiliar locations?

Altered States
Altered States by Laura Kestly


With my passion for using recycled elements (especially license plates of late) into my art creations, it was only natural that I put together a Map of the United States using license plates from each state.  It was a two year process and I had a lot of help from friends and family who contributed license plates.  I may do more of this in the future as time allows.

The other work pictured is composed of different Wisconsin license plates cut into the shapes of the 73 counties in Wisconsin. As you might gather a favorite pastime of mine is doing puzzles.  I grew up with a Dad who enjoyed doing 1,000 piece puzzles on a card table in our living room.  I guess it’s the satisfaction of not only completing an entire puzzle but getting the pieces to fit along the way.  Art is a lot like problem solving and doing a puzzle.  I usually get an idea or image in my mind but figuring out how to get what’s from my mind to the canvas or other medium is usually a fun challenge and usually requires perseverance and the courage to make and adapt to the mistakes along the way.


United States of America license plates
Map of the United States in License Plates


Wisconsin Counties
Wisconsin State Counties